‘Merrily We Roll Along’ Auditions


July 14, 2022

August 21 & 22 from 6-9pm

Auditions for our first 2022-2023 season show, Merrily We Roll Along, are being held at Lansing Media Center located at 2500 S Washington Ave, Lansing, MI 48910 on Sunday, August 21 and Monday, August 22, from 6-9pm. Callbacks as needed, will be held on Tuesday, August 23 at 6:30pm.

Auditions will consist of reading from the script and singing. Prepare a song selection that showcases your vocal range and story-telling abilities. An accompanist will be provided.

For further information about the auditions, contact director Ben Cassidy at benj.cassidy@gmail.com.

Character Breakdown

The ages listed for each role are a guideline as many are seen at varying ages throughout the show or are playing multiple characters. All ensemble roles are speaking roles, featured vocally, and will play some other roles that are not listed below.

FRANKLIN SHEPARD (Male, 25-40 years old, Baritone) – A successful and sometimes seemingly vapid songwriter turned film producer. An innocent optimist when younger; talented and tormented.

CHARLEY KRINGAS (Male, 25-40 years old, Baritenor) – Smart and driven lyricist, Frank’s longtime best friend. Sometimes intense and stubborn. Becomes increasingly frustrated with Frank over the years, however, is also optimistic when he is younger.

MARY FLYNN (Female, 25-40 years old, Mezzo) – Quick-witted, sardonic, and intelligent writer, and best friends with Frank and Charley. Secretly in love with Frank. Her younger optimism gets clouded over by missed opportunities and she turns to alcohol as this happens.

GUSSIE CARNEGIE (Female, 30-40 years old, Mezzo) – A brash and seductive Broadway legend who leaves her producer husband (Joe) for Frank, destroying two marriages in the process. She knows how to get what she wants.

BETH (Female, 25-35 years old, Soprano) – A dewy-eyed romantic, who is Frank’s first wife and mother to their son. Her naive ideals fall away when faced with the truth about Frank’s affair with Gussie.

JOE JOSEPHSON (Male, 35-50 years old, Baritone) – Loud and boisterous Broadway producer, and husband to Gussie. He enjoys the glitz and glam of success. He eventually loses both Gussie and his money.

FRANK JR. (Male, 5-10 years old) The son of divorced parents, Frank and Beth. Energetic and eager to please; should sing well.

JEROME (Male, 35-45, also Ensemble) – Frank’s lawyer.

SCOTTY (Female, 35-50, also plays MRS. SPENCER and Ensemble) – Frank’s agent.

MRS. SPENCER (Female, 35-50, also plays SCOTTY and Ensemble) – Beth’s mother, set in her ways but supportive.

TERRY (Male, 35-50, also plays MR. SPENCER and Ensemble) – Friend of Frank’s.

MR. SPENCER (Male, 35-50, also plays TERRY and Ensemble) – Beth’s father, midwestern and conservative.

TYLER (Male, 25-35, also Ensemble) – Frank’s friend and the inventor of the answering machine.

MEG (Female, 20-30, also Ensemble) – A fling of Frank’s, a young starlet looking for success in LA.

KT (Female, 25-35, also Ensemble) – Successful TV personality who worked her way up.

RU (Male, 25-35, also Ensemble) – Friend of Frank’s.

DORY (Female, 25-35, also Ensemble) – Friend of Frank’s.

BUNKER (Male, 30-45, also Ensemble) – Friend of Frank’s.

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