Opening Up: a community returns to the world – a theatrical event told in letters & artifacts

October 2021 - June 2022

Conceived and created by Chad Swan-Badgero, Kathleen Egan and Angela Robertson
Artifacts conceived by Nicole Martin

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About this Production

In an effort for our community to open up to us and to each other after a period of being isolated and closed off from the world during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Peppermint Creek presents “Opening Up: A Community Returns to the World”.

The community will be encouraged to send in one-page letters describing a time in their lives when they had to open up in some new or unexpected way and what they learned from the experience. PCTC will choose one letter each month throughout the season to send to participants in the mail. Each letter will also be accompanied by an artifact that corresponds/helps deepen the experience of the story and may have a participatory element for participants.

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