Our Community

We are proud to be part of a thriving creative community, and to be contributing to the arts and culture scene in the greater Lansing community. We strive to raise up the best in our community, and to highlight the work we all still have to do.

Safe Place Policy

At Peppermint Creek we believe in presenting theatre works that start conversations and bring communities together.

To help us achieve this mission, we rely on our dedicated and hardworking volunteers both on stage and off. We cannot achieve what we do without ensuring a safe space to create, collaborate, and innovate together.

Peppermint Creek is committed to providing an inclusive and safe space for all who chose to spend time with us. If you ever are made to feel unsafe at a Peppermint Creek event, please notify the Peppermint Creek board for support.

Equity Imperative

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Peppermint Creek recognizes that we operate within systemic racism, and that neutrality and silence only feeds it further. We recognize that cultural spaces and institutions need to change to become more welcoming, safe, and inclusive to our BIPOC community.

We hold ourselves immediately accountable for working to dismantle the systemic racism, oppression and violence that permeates our country and our artistic field and to identify, confront and address the barriers to involvement and attendance that keep Black, Indigenous, and People of Color mostly out of our spaces.

If you are interested in getting involved in the work of anti-racism and anti-oppression, we encourage you to become familiar with the work of Black Lives Matter Lansing. Find more information at www.liberationpac.org/blmlansing

Lansing Community Theater Database

Local theatre lover, Matt Ottinger, has created a cross-referenced database containing shows, directors, performers and crew members from Lansing area community theaters.

Locate shows, individuals, past award winners, and much more, all in one location! This database contains information about Lansing area community theaters past and present, and covers shows dating back as far as 1994. In addition, some award information is included, and some pages contain photos from the various productions.

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Peppermint Creek is your community theatre. We exist to serve you – to provide the highest quality theatre in our region, and beyond. Your gift is extremely important because it offers immediate resources that are directed to current needs and opportunities for the future of the theatre.